Fiona Myers
Wellness & Fitness Professional for Women

The fun we have!

f"I joined Fi over 6 months ago and I find that due to her always changing what we are doing in group it is never a chore to get up in the morning and get to her group. I feel over this time I have become stronger and healthier for attending Fi's fun, challenging and enjoyable classes." Wendy

"I am really love attending Fi's sessions.  I have noticed my fitness and strength has increased and I am really happy about that.  I had thought some things were due to age - not so it seems.  My balance is much better, endurance too - it's great!  Thanks for all your encouragement and the interesting sessions you create."  Vivia


"PTFit fills all my wellness tanks! Fun exercise, socialising with amazing ladies and an expert instructor with a sense of humour!
I have definitely met my wellness goals and met some life long friends.

Thanks Fi for creating a safe and fun atmosphere to 'play' in. You rock too!" Michelle

"I first met Fi and her group sessions in 2009-2010 and absolutely loved them.  I got to my fittest point in my life and with her encouragement completed 2 triathlons!   Since then I've been back to the UK and returned in 2015 and hunted her down again.  The sessions are fun friendly and yet always a good workout.  Fi knows how to make you work hard without even noticing it (until 2 days later when the DOMS kick in!!)  I would recommend her to any female looking to meet lovely new people and get fit." Gemma


"I did not want to join a gym, but knew that I needed some motivation to get back into exercise again. I signed up to the group fitness sessions that Fi offers and found them to be amazing. I did not realise how weak I had become after having 2 children and doing limited exercise. I started of hardly being able to do a push-up and burpees to actually really enjoying doing the push-ups and gaining strength. The group sessions were fun, being with other like minded women keen to work hard, and challenging! You walked away with jelly legs often, but that was a great feeling as you knew you had actually worked hard! I felt myself getting stronger each week, which was a great feeling! I felt I had more energy and even started running and just lately cycling more. I would recommend Fi as she is friendly, motivating, challenging and very encouraging." Michelle

"No two classes are the same. Love the variety. Fi caters to all fitness levels. No one is left out." Fiona