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Wellness & Fitness Professional for Women

PTFit Women Only Group Fitness



The perfect alternative to a boot-camp or gym!

The focus of these sessions is to help you feel strong, fit & healthier!  Be confident and proud of who you are!

Enjoy wearing your clothes again new or old, enjoy having the energy to race along with your kids or grand-kids or just enjoy life to the fullest!

I know that as women our bodies require a unique approach to ensure we look after it long-term and get the results you deserve, so therefore the type of exercises you do should be different too.  If you have had a baby, you will know that a star jump is not your friend, yet in a typical Boot-camp how many of these will you do?

My regular PTFit Group ladies are awesome and will always welcome ‘newbies’ to the group with a warm smile.  Never will you feel uncomfortable as we all support each other and become wonderful friends who exercise together each week! 

If you are ready to be in charge of you and your health & fitness, then you need to join PTFit now!

Your first session is free so you can come and try one first to make sure they are right for you!


  • Mondays - 5.30-6.20pm
  • Wednesdays - 5.45-6.35pm
  • Saturdays - 8-8.50am

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Halswell Primary School                                                 Outdoors for summer & indoors for winter!


Finally the chance to 'nail the lifestyle'.  PTFit Group Sessions will become your regular go to fitness option.

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Mini Group Fitness Sessions

  • Combining the best of both 1 on 1 and group fitness together.
  • 3 ladies per group
  • Run during term time only

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Rachael, 35 yrs

"I totally recommend Fiona to any women who is wanting to become fitter, healthier, happier and more motivated about life!  PTFit Group Fitness Sessions have women from all walks of life, who range in age, shape, size and fitness levels, but this is what makes the sessions so unique and enjoyable.  There is a great feeling of support and camaraderie and the only person who you are competing against is yourself - and sometimes Fi when she pushes you hard!

Every session is different, so you never become bored or too used to any one particular routine or exercise.  The sessions are always fun and challenging and Fi's cheeky sense of humour is always evident!

Fi is not just another personal trainer; she truly wants you to achieve your goals and be happy, healthy and the best you can be.  I have had a number of personal trainers in the past and Fi has been by far and away been the one who has listened, helped and challenged me the most.  After nearly 12 months I'm getting closer to my goals, however Fi has helped me realise that this isn't about a quick fix.  I've learn't that short term goals are what you need to get up and moving each week, but for real results, this has to become part of your everyday life.  I like to think of it as 'future proofing' so that I'll be happy, healthy and enjoying life for many years to come, with the bonus of having a fit and great looking body!   If this is what you too want - then give Fi a call today." 

Lynley, 27yrs

"I had missed out on 'the stairs' once before and I was told they were a treat, we got them on Saturday!  I can still feel my abs and my inner thighs and it's Monday!

I am a 27 year old working female; I spend much of my day behind a desk with light activities.  I liked to think of myself as active.  I used to walk or bike occasionally.  I had tried the gym to no avail, as I could always find an excuse not to go.   This year I joined a hockey team with a lot of younger players and realised just how unfit I was.  A girlfriend of mine took me to a free session with PTFit in Hagley Park and I have not looked back.  With the PTFit sessions I look forward to the interaction with other motivated people and what different exercises or games we will be doing - no session is the same!

My fitness has increased noticeably on the hockey field, no longer the slowest and my body shape is changing for the better.  In a session we are all different shapes and sizes, all at different levels of fitness, the acitvities work on all of us - you set the bar yourself.  Thanks Fiona"

Tracey, 39 yrs

"I started training in February 2009 with PTFit very unfit and for me overweight.  In 6 months I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I am more fit and motivated than I have been in the last 10 years.  I enjoy the group sessions as hard and as tuff as they are because they WORK and as long as I keep putting the effort in I will keep getting the results I deserve." 

Kay, 54 yrs

"Having joined two previous gyms in the past and losing complete interest after a few months, I promised myself that I would never join a another gym again.

However that was until I saw an advert for PTFit.  I was really inspired to make contact with PTFit and join a fitness session that exercised outdoors.  Almost one year later and after attending twice weekly sessions, I still love it!  What better playground could there be than Hagley Park.  When it came to winter and our group was moving indoors to exercise I was sure I would fade and lose interest, but no way, too much fun to had at indoor sessions as well.  For me the benefits have been huge.  I love the fact that each session is different from the last.  Fi is extremely motivated and she helps each one of the ladies attending her sessions reach their goal and have fun along the way.  The best recommendation I can give , is to give it go, you will be hooked first session!"


"I have truly enjoyed the workouts.   The sessions get me motivated and the session setting keeps it that way.   Fiona has a way of making all participants work their hardest and get the most out each individual workout.  Her personal attention keeps me on track!  I have definitely improved my fitness, both physically and mentally.  And although the workouts are hard, I look forward to doing them for the satisfaction it gives me when I am finished."

Rachel, 32 yrs

"Fi is a very approachable trainer.   Sessions are always fun and varied.  All muscle groups are worked's value for money.  I keep coming back due to the friendly trainer and the good workout that is achieved."

Rashi, 42 yrs

"I think Fi is a great PT.  Perfect mix of carrot and stick!! Very approachable, encouraging and motivating.  I come back because the sessions work for me."

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