Fiona Myers
Wellness & Fitness Professional for Women

Personal Training

PTFit 1 on 1 Fitness Training        

Personal training is a fantastic option to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

My 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions mean the focus is on you and your goals. 

Whatever your goal may be: Get Fitter, Tone Up, Become Healthier, Become Stronger, Have More Energy, Feel & Look Amazing, PTFit 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions will get you there.

1 on 1 & *Buddy Fitness Training Location: Halswell

  • *Buddy Fitness - train with a friend or 2 sharing the cost of me                                                                                         (*special conditions apply)

With 1 on 1 Fitness Training and Buddy Fitness Training you receive the following:

  • An individualised program that you can do at home by yourself or with you friend if you are participating in Buddy Fitness training
  • Help with planning your week of exercise, ensuring you make it a priority and something that you must do to get results
  • Help with setting your goals and then holding you accountable
  • Guidance through any nutritional changes you may need to make, providing you with tip sheets as you may need them
  • Fun, varied and challenging workouts that will ensure you get fantastic results
  • Measurements and body fat recordings, so we have a record of where you started - these are re done every 4 weeks so we can see the awesome changes taking place
  • Every 6 weeks you will get a new personalised at home program
  • Motivating, fun, challenging and varied sessions to ensure you become the most amazing, strong, healthy, fit and beautiful women you can be!
  • Regular goal setting sessions will also help to move you forward from old achievements to new ambitions!

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Mini PTFit Sessions

  • 3 ladies per mini group - experience the best of both 1 on 1 training and group training.
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  • Babies & toddlers are welcome at some sessions as arranged

Location: Halswell

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Run during term time only and during school hours.

*Special conditions apply