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Success Stories


"I had been an active sportswoman for most of my adult life but after retiring from team sport I had struggled to maintain regular physical activity. As a consequence I had steadily gained weight to the point where I was at the heaviest I had ever been. I had tried a number of diets with little or no success and I had built up a reasonable library of “self-help” books – most are still unread!!!

I read about Fiona in the Halswell Newsletter and emailed her about her one-on-one sessions. Initially there were no vacancies for these so I attended some circuits. I was quite apprehensive due to the fact that my exercise programme had been almost non-existent for some time. Fiona made me feel at home straight away and encouraged me to challenge myself without making me feel uncomfortable or unable to meet the standard.  

After a few weeks I was able to begin the one-on-one sessions and I have continued with these and the circuit for the last 8 months. The one-on-one sessions have enabled me to keep on track with my eating – we discuss this each week and I have a weigh in. It was also great in that it allowed me to work on some of my techniques for the circuit exercises – in the past when I had joined gyms I had felt isolated so it was great to have that individual time with Fiona. At this stage I have lost a total of 19kgs and I now look forward to my exercise sessions rather than putting it off for another day!

Fiona is amazingly positive and helps you to believe you can do it!!! I know I would not have achieved the results I have without this support and positivity. Fiona is my point of difference with all the other attempts I have made to become more active, eat healthier and lose weight. I cannot recommend Fiona and the programmes she offers more highly – you won’t regret it."


"I have been attending Fi’s Group Circuits for 18 months, but decided to step it up a few notches by seeking her Personal Training assistance.…online….Through emails, texts and weekly chats at Group Circuit sessions Fi has helped me to make changes that are sustainable and that get results.

After just 3 months I now feel much fitter and stronger than I have for a long time – it’s still a work in progress, but at last count I have lost 7 kilo’s, including several centimetres especially from my waistline, thighs and upper arms.

Through guidance on being more aware of what I put in my body, and why, making healthy food choices (most of the time!), along with regular exercise using Fi’s personalised fitness programs, I have felt motivated and inspired to be awesome (as Fi is often heard to say J ).

Fi has the experience and knowledge, along with good humour, to get the best out of you and a wonderful friendly and supportive attitude.

I have already achieved far better results than I had expected and really look forward to continuing to improve with Fi’s help."

Sue Crampton, 49 years


"Being closer to 60 than 50 I was looking for a long term plan to get and keep me fit, healthy and active into ‘old age’. It wasn’t as easy to find the perfect person to help me as you might think.  My research led me to Fiona – well qualified, experienced, mature, time flexible and affordable were my criteria. From the moment I met Fiona I knew I’d found “the one”. To begin with I had one simple measure of success that I shared with her. I ride horses but couldn’t get on my horse from the ground – once I could do that I knew I was making progress. She didn’t flinch at my strange goal – we just go to it. Then I set my boundaries higher. I committed to an expedition to walk 350kms over 23 days carrying a full backpack of between 15 and 20 kgs, at altitudes that equaled or exceeded Mt Cook. Fiona got me fit and ready to meet the challenge and to prove it there’s a photo of me at the highest peak. Without her help I would never have been able to make that epic journey. I will be forever grateful to her for making that possible for me."

Teaghan- 24 yrs

"Warning long post alert!!

As some of you may know I have been on a fairly big weight loss journey over the last year. This exact time last year the photo on the left was me. I absolutely hated myself. I can remember making arrangements to see friends and crying in the hallway refusing to leave the house because of the way I looked. I got to the stage where I would only leave the house for work or to get food. I was so embarrassed to be seen. I researched weight loss surgery options, quick fixes you name it I've probably looked it up. Then i decided that it was time I looked at a sustainable option.

Over the last year I have been working with a personal trainer to change the habits of my previous life. It's certainly been tough but extremely rewarding!

I had absolutely no intention of posting this today. I wanted to get to my first goal which was 20kg weight loss. Today I sit at 17kgs lost. However after talking with a friend I realised I have reached a pretty major goal. I having been living my life again. Gone is the girl who refused to leave the house, gone is the person that couldn't look people in the eye because of the way she looks. Gone is the person who woke up everyday and struggled.

I've been extremely lucky with the trainer I have PTFit owner operator Fiona MyersF. She has been such a huge part of my journey and life for that last year and I can thank her enough! There is one other person I need to thank Ash-Leigh you were the one dragging my fat ass out of the house last year when I refused to see people, when I refused to live. I'm pretty sure she doesn't realise how bigger impact she has had on helping my get my confidence back! I couldn't ask for a better best friend

I'm posting this because if even one person feels the way I felt then I can totally tell you with 100 percent confidence it doesn't have to be that way! You can change your life whenever your ready!

I'm pretty proud not to be he girl on the left anymore! I'm pretty dam proud of these photos! I've not finished my journey yet, but I will get those abs at some point!

Jess - 32 yrs

"I have always belonged to a gym with their expensive memberships and long contracts because I felt that I needed to, to lose weight, to get fit, however one day I decided that enough was enough and I would go it alone.  For the first 3 months I was fine, out walking or running, riding my bike and then the weather got cold and I stopped!  After a year of starting and stopping and getting sick of my weight going up and then down I decided maybe I needed a gym after all.  One night while watching TV I saw an ad for Downsize Me and I thought to myself, what I need is my own personal trainer, so the next day I got on the internet and started googling.  After 2 websites I found Fi and after seeing she offered a free consultation I gave her a call. 

At my first meeting with Fi I explained what it was that I wanted to achieve and how I had been struggling with motivation.  At the end of our coffee I was absolutely pumped and signed up on the spot for 12 weeks worth of sessions.  Her energy and positive attitude made me realise that she was the person to help me reach my goals.

About 4 months after I started training with Fi I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, thinking that Fi might actually give me a few easy sessions for a change (how wrong was I, her favourite response being "you're having a baby, not dying") meant that I kept exercising (at a safe level).  About half way through I had to stop training due to work pressures. 

About a month after my son was born I contacted Fi for help to shed my baby weight (which was the recommended 10-12 kilos plus an extra 10-15!).  Unfortunately due to having a cesarean section Fi wouldn't let me train with her until the New Year, which was another 3 months away (which I am extremely grateful for as it gave my body the chance to recover that it needed), however she did suggest some light walking which I did.

Finally in the New Year I contacted Fi again and we arranged my first training session.  I would be lying if I said it was easy, it was one of the hardest sessions I have ever done but with Fi's encouragement I completed it and felt fantastic!     With Fi's help I set about losing the dreaded baby weight and getting fitter.  During the next 5 months we worked out together every couple of weeks with every session being quite different to the last which keeps it interesting.  In between my sessions with Fi, I did the programs she had set me.  I found that when my son was asleep was the best time to do this, as it meant I didn't have to worry about him and the housework could wait!  In fact none of my programs have ever taken longer than 30 minutes to complete, which proves that there is always time to exercise.  After the first few days I actually started looking forward to doing something purely for myself.  After each session I felt pumped and determined that I would eat well and keep going.  Why undo all the hard work of a thousand lunges!  Slowly but surely my weight started to drop and my body shape started to reappear.  I was no longer looking like a shapeless lump, in fact I now looked and felt amazing!  The support I have from Fi has helped me stay on track, in fact there were times when I just couldn't be bothered and I would get a text asking me how I was going and if I was being fantastic, these certainly got me off my butt and moving, after all I wasn't about to let the person down who thinks I am amazing!                                                                                                

 To date I have lost all my baby weight plus several extra kilos, bringing me eight kilos under my pre pregnancy weight.  However one of main lessons I have learn't from Fi is that no matter what the scales say, it is how your clothes fit and how you feel inside that is so important and that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always time to exercise, and to any new mums out there, just because you have had a baby it doesn't mean that you are stuck with that extra weight forever you just have to make yourself a priority to yourself to lose it.  It can be done, yes it is hard work but the results you get in return make it all worthwhile.  I am proof enough of that!!!                                                   

Thank you Fi for all your help and encouragement in getting me here - in your words "YOU ROCK."

Sue, 51 yrs

"Fitness is fun!  Now I never thought I'd say that!!

Getting out and doing some exercise had always seemed like a good idea but it was a concept I had avoided for much of my life.  I had every excuse in the book - no time, classes at the wrong time, nothing to wear, bad back, needing to cook tea, husband, children.....I had even managed to use "runners knee" diagnosed in my 20's as an excuse for much of the next 25 years!"

Eventually however there did come a time (as the cholesterol level and the weight started to creep up) that I decided to give it a real go - I would make time for myself for exercise  - but how to achieve my goal?

The Metropol magazine introduced me to Fiona - it was one of those moments where the name just stuck.  I do not even remember reading the article - just remembered and that was it.  A coffee and a chat later and I knew it could work.  All the factors that motivate me  - making a regular appointment (and keeping it), training outdoors with someone who knew what they were doing and is sooooo friendly and chatty and genuine with it - it was just ideal for me.  And my results - both in centimetres lost and how much better I feel, is simply fantastic!

By combining one on one with a group session, with other friendly and motivated women, I have managed to achieve much more than I started out thinking I could.

My success is due to Fiona - she would say that I am "awesome" (one of her favourite words) - but in reality she is the one getting the results out of me.  We are a great team .  She has a lovely relaxed , non pushy style where she knows just how to work you to get impressive results.  There is nothing like enjoying your exercise sessions and finding that you are not only much fitter and toned but have managed to drop a dress size as well.

Thank you Fiona - you rock!"

Andrea, 45 yrs 

"I meet Fiona over 12 months ago as a Mum of 2 boys aged 5 and 8 years old, trying to fit into my life, 20 hours of work, assisting at school in the classroom, on the PTA, running the school second hand uniform shop, coaching my 5 year olds soccer team and running our family.  I still carried the post baby weight even though my job required a high level of fitness.  I was tired and I wanted more.........Fiona found that more!

I pasted my fitness test 4 months after our first session and got back into my trousers.  Beats wearing the mens pair I had altered....

Fiona helped me reclaim the fitness and fun I once knew .  Our first 3 or 4 sessions were at 6.30am on a Friday morning.  That was pure dedication.  I have gone from a mum that drove to work every shift as the thought of 8kms to work and 8kms home on a bike was far to daunting.....That was before I met Fiona .  On the 6th December 2008, I rode my first cycle race.  I completed the 80kms Long Bay Race, then traveled to Blenheim in April 2009 and completed the 101 Grape Ride Cycle and then the big one.  Our family traveled to the West Coast in the May school holidays and I rode the 130kms Around Brunner cycle race.  Those achievements have been due to the partnership Fiona and I have forged.

Fiona's a true professional .  'I Rock' and that is due to her pushing me beyond my comfort zone and getting me to believe in myself again.  Fiona's support has been outstanding , her warm smile and words of support are second to none.

My family is very proud of their wife and mum .  Two dress sizes smaller and a happy mum, running, biking and having fun.

Thank you Fiona, you are a true inspiration and a wonderful friend."

Lynette, 47 yrs 

"Art is a work in progress.  Life is a bit like that and mind had come to a stand still until I met Fi. 

For me Fi's biggest gift has been my health back.  I'm a much happier, relaxed person.  I knew all the right things to do, just wasn't any good at doing them.  Now I eat better and exercise more.  I still fall off the wagon but Fi and her positive attitude and lovely smile picks me up and gets me back on track.  Our weekly sessions are almost an addiction now.  There are times when I'd love not to go but can't bring myself not to.  A session with Fi is like a tonic - refreshing, funny and hard work all at the same time, but I come away feeling relaxed and wonderful and full of energy .  As an added bonus I'm heaps fitter and far more toned.

Thanks Fi for helping me see the light and start living again."

Leone 53

"I have Fiona to thank for helping me reach one of my health and fitness goals.  Fiona kept me on track and was both sympathetic and firm when I needed her to be :)  My goal was to convert a recent weight loss to a firmer, more toned body with a specific goal of increasing my muscle mass.  In only 12 weeks of following Fiona's programme I managed to convert my 23% body fat to 20% body fat, and I feel so much more energised.  I am thrilled with the results - thanks Fiona!" 


"Very supportive and challenging!! Sets me on track for the rest of the week."